Statement from ACSA

The Australian Compact Speedcar Association (ACSA) have decided to write a statement to provide supporters of the Compact Speedcar division and the speedway community with an understanding of their position in relation to a number of points which have been raised on various social media sites over the past few months.

It should be noted that the executive committee of the ACSA have not responded on any of the comments on various social media pages for two reasons:

  1. The ACSA executive committee wish to avoid a running commentary on any particular point as it believes it is a poor look for the division.
  2. The ACSA executive committee did not wish to put themselves in a position where they may violate the Speedway Australia Code of Conduct (social media.)

Given the length of the statement, it has been broken it up into sections.

What is the ACSA and how does it work?

The ACSA was formed to be a ‘governing body’ of the Compact Speedcars class in Australia. It’s purpose was to form a set of specifications and rules which all compact speedcars follow in order to provide fair racing wherever a driver may decide to participate. The founding clubs were the Queensland Compact Speedcar Club (QCSC), the New South Wales Compact Speedcar Club (NSWCSC) and the Victorian Compact Speedcar Club (VCSC.) Affiliated clubs pay a registration fee each year which goes towards the running of the Association and an allocated amount is then provided to the hosts of the ACSA Australian Title to assist in running that event.

Each year affiliated clubs can propose changes to the rules and specifications. Engine rules are reviewed every 5 years. A driver or car owner can propose a rule or specification change at their state club level. All registered drivers and car owners are able to vote on the proposed change. Successful proposals are then sent to affiliated clubs for their own drivers and car owners to vote on with state clubs keeping minutes of these meetings and the vote counts. Once this process has occurred, the ACSA delegates from each affiliated club meet and formalise any new rules or specifications. If a proposed rule has been voted on by two states, it is passed. If not, it is rejected. When the delegates meet and there is clarification regarding wording or more information required regarding a proposed change, suggestions can be made by delegates and taken back to their clubs and put through a ratification process including drivers and owners before it is passed, or, not passed.

QCSC – Are they currently affiliated with the ACSA?

No. On the 4/7/17 the ACSA received a letter from the Queensland Compact Speedcar Club (QCSC) that, as of the 18/7/17, the QCSC would no longer be affiliated with the ACSA. This meant that the QCSC would no longer be bound by the rules and specifications of the ACSA.

As QCSC is not affiliated with the ACSA, they have created their own rulebook (which has differences to the current version of the ACSA Racing Rules, Regulations and Specifications booklet) and also the business ‘Compact Speedcars Australia,’ which they use to promote the QCSC.

There is an Australian Championship in QLD and an Australian Title in Victoria. Why?

The VCSC are the hosts of the ACSA Australian Title for the 2017/2018 racing season. Its negotiations were confirmed in writing on 26/6/17 with Rushworth Speedway. This was prior to QCSC withdrawing from the ACSA.

The QCSC have organised an Australian Championship, to be held at Kingaroy Speedway.

Who can compete at each event?

The ACSA rule 1.3.22 states that,


 ‘Any Vehicle registered through the ACSA. Inc. or its affiliated clubs will be ineligible to compete in any sanctioned ACSA. Inc. event if the Car holds dual registration with any other Association or Club not affiliated with the ACSA Inc.

Penalties apply:

First offence: $250 fine

2nd offence: 3-month suspension and or $500 fine’


Therefore, a car registered with the VCSC or the NSWCSC would be breaking this rule if they went and raced in any Compact Speedcar event not sanctioned by the ACSA.

To be eligible to race in a sanctioned ACSA event (any races held by the NSWCSC or the VCSC) you must be a member of an affiliated club.

This means that a car registered with the QCSC is not able to compete in an ACSA sanctioned event as their club is no longer affiliated with the ACSA.

It should be noted that this is not a new rule and that it was put in place when the QCSC was part of the Association.

Comments have been made that QCSC drivers have been ‘refused’ entry to State Title events and race meetings. The ACSA cannot comment on how each club communicates with individuals in allowing or disallowing entries other than to say that, based on the rules and specifications of the ACSA, which the NSWCSC and the VCSC abide by, entries could not be accepted from QCSC members as QCSC are not affiliated with the ACSA so are not eligible to compete.

Speedway Australia national recognition

In relation to comments made regarding obtaining national recognition by Speedway Australia, members of the ACSA committee, through the VCSC, were in contact with interested parties in South Australia as late as September 2017 in the hope of assisting with the formation of a Compact Speedcar club in South Australia. At this stage there has been no further developments other than discussion.

For any division of Speedway to be recognised by Speedway Australia as a National Division, a division must be active in four states, with a minimum of 10 licensed competitors regularly racing in each.

Affiliation with Speedcars Australia

The ACSA received a copy of the minutes from the 2016 Speedcars Australia AGM. It was noted that a member of the QCSC was listed as an invited guest and discussed options in relation to affiliating with Speedcars Australia. The ACSA, NSWCSC or the VCSC were not invited to this meeting nor were they made aware that this person was attending. Therefore, it is assumed that the member was acting either individually or representing the QCSC.

Shortly after this at the ACSA AGM, representatives of Speedcars Australia met with Compact Speedcar delegates to propose how a partnership with Compact Speedcars and Speedcars Australia could work. Delegates took this proposal back to their clubs for discussion and for a decision as to whether to adopt this proposal. Each club advised the ACSA to communicate to Speedcars Australia the results. NSWCSC and the VCSC declined to proceed with the proposal as presented. QCSC agreed with the proposal. The ACSA also advised Speedcars Australia that they would be willing to discuss the concerns both NSWCSC and VCSC had with the proposal. To date no official correspondence has been received in relation to this offer.

Can QCSC re-join the ACSA?

Yes. The QCSC, or any other organisation of people wishing to compete under the rules and specifications of the ACSA, are able to apply for affiliation.


The ACSA hope that the statement above provides those with an interest in the Compact Speedcar division some clarity on the purpose of the ACSA and its position in relation to the points addressed.

If you would like to discuss any of the above further, or wish to seek clarification on other matters, please contact the ACSA committee via email at

The ACSA will shortly be finalising its Annual General Meeting date and venue. Any interested parties, including the committee of the QCSC, are warmly welcomed to attend to discuss any matter in relation to Compact Speedcars and the ACSA.

End Release

Taking a look back to: 2003/2004

Travis ‘Squizzy’ Mills was crowned the ACSA Australian Champion in ‘03/04. The Title event was held at Speedway Wangaratta. Travis was driving an OTR Speedcar chassis that had been converted to Compact Speedcar specifications. Powering this pocket rocket was a Suzuki GSXR 1100. Travis kindly took some time to answer questions about his title triumph.

How did the race unfold for you?

I started in pole position next to former 2x Aus champ Ken Thomas. Got the lead into the first turn and led the entire race, winning by around 6 car lengths. The track was smooth and slick with the racing line pretty narrow, making it hard for passing. From memory, I was lucky to not have to pass lapped cars as there were a few yellow lights throughout the race which definitely helped.

Was there a point in the race where you thought, ‘I’ve got a good chance of winning this?’

Within the first few laps I was pretty confident, as having the lead on a narrow track was a big advantage. My car also felt really good in the early laps so knew I had a really good car setup.
Do you remember your first thought after you had won the Title race?

I can remember as I went over the finish line thinking to myself, “Holy crap, I’ve just won an Aussie title!” I don’t think it really sunk in properly until days later.

Are you still involved in Speedway?

Yes, still heavily involved in speedway. I ran Compacts for 1 more full season after this title. An opportunity to drive a Sprintcar followed in which I ran for 2 seasons, winning rookie of the year for the SRA Sprintcar Series. Since then I have been racing Speedcars for the past 8-9 years in which I have won 2x Victorian titles, 1x SA Title, 3x Southern Speedcar Tour series, 3x Avalon track championships and 5x Club championships. I am currently leading the points in the Speedcar Super Series.

What were your highlights during your time racing Compact Speedcars?

The Aus title was the definite highlight. Holding the Aus title, Vic title and Qld title simultaneously in the one season was also a huge highlight. Winning the Pearce and Curren Memorials were also great.

What advice would you give to those competing in this year’s ACSA Australian Title?

I am a big believer in, to be the best you need to race with the best. Travel as much as your budget allows, as racing against tough competition on different tracks will help take you to the next level.

You’ll catch Travis Mills competing in the Mills Motorsport team V10 Speedcar at the final round of the Speedcar Super Series this Saturday at Valvoline Raceway. Good luck Squizzy! For more info about the Mills Motorsports team visit Mills Motorsport Facebook page or their website

The 2017/2018 ACSA Australian Title is sponsored by 1 Stop Property Services|Thomo’s Ca$h for Scrap and supported by|Meguiars Car Care Products|Pearce Performance Products|Street Appeal Detailing|Indy Race Parts|Max Dumesny Motorsport|American Tire & Racing Services| Wangaratta Central Motel


40th running of the Australian Compact Speedcar Association’s Australian Title

The Victorian Compact Speedcar Club (VCSC) are hosting the 40th running of the Australian Compact Speedcar Association’s Australian Title, to be held at Rushworth Speedway on Saturday 12th May.
In the lead up to the Title event we will be introducing you to the drivers competing, providing you with some interesting facts and be taking a look back at some of our previous Australian Compact Speedcar Association (ACSA) Australian Title winners.
This event would not be possible without the support of our major sponsors, 1 Stop Property Services and Thomo’s Ca$h for Scrap. Also supporting the event are, Meguiars Car Care Products, Pearce Performance Products, Street Appeal Detailing, Indy Race Parts, Max Dumesny Motorsport, American Tire & Racing Services and Wangaratta Central Motel.

Nominations for the 40th ACSA Australian Title race are:
V 2 Butch Hutchinson
NSW 2 Craig Hickey
NSW 4 Rod Francis
V 5 Andrew Lardner
V 6 Mark Hutchinson
NSW 6 Gaby Yammouni
V 7 Allan Pitcher
V2 7 Keith Astrella
V 8 Mathew Brown
V 9 Glen Wiles
V 11 Louis Rodriquez
V 12 Justin Paull
NSW 13 Jason Essai
NSW 14 Darren Margules
V 15 Tania Hallett
NSW 15 Rob Rawlings Snr
V 16 Scott Thomson
NSW 16 Brad Rawlings
V 18 Jason Crawford
V 23 Boofa Curren
V 24 Craig McKimmie
NSW 63 Bruce Adams
NSW 69 Ayden Elliott
NSW 86 Rob Rawlings Jnr

Francis is the Victorian Compact Speedcar Champion

Rod Francis has won the Victorian Compact Speedcar Title! In what was a very calculated drive, Rod managed to hold off hard charging Craig Hickey to take the win in a Title race which ran flag to flag.

The afternoon started out in sweltering conditions with racing set to be just as hot on a smooth slick track. Once lunch was over (thanks to Lynne Hutchinson and Carol Monckton for helping with BBQ) scrutineering was completed and racing was set to begin.

With six drivers from NSW making the trip down to take on the Victorian drivers, racing was certainly going to be exciting.

Heat 1 saw a great race with all drivers feeling their way on the new track surface. Rod Francis started his night off with a win over defending champion Justin Paull and David Hutchinson taking the final spot on the podium.

Heat 2 produced some tight racing, particularly into turn 1, with Louis Rodriquez showing his bid for a great result in the title race, coming from 7th position into 2nd. However, he wasn’t able to get past Rod Francis, who took his second win of the night. 3rd place went to Chris Curren.

Heat 3 did not end well for Rodriquez. He headed infield mid race with engine trouble which would see him sit out the rest of the night. However, the track was holding up well and producing some close racing, with drivers having to be smart about where and when they attempted to pass. David Hutchinson continued his strong run taking our the win from Ayden Elliot and Justin Paull

Craig Hickey was the winner of Heat 4, but things didn’t end well for Mark Hutchinson. He ended the race on his side and with damage to the chassis that put him out for the night. Also receiving damage was Justin Paull. He was unable to avoid the stricken Hutchinson and would make it out for the Title race with seconds to spare before the pit gate closed!

After all the Heats were run and won, the highest points scorer was Rod Francis. He won a drum of fuel sponsored by Kay Mainline Manufacturing.

The title race was off to a flying start with Hutchinson challenging for the lead right from the start, however, Francis held on and gained a few car lengths. In the meantime, defending champion Paull was not having any fun at all. He pulled infield with the car having very little throttle. Back on the track Hickey made his way into second place and was challenged by Curren, until he slowed and pulled infield with a misfire in his engine. Hutchinson was hanging onto 3rd place until Elliot managed to get through. Mark Heaton had his eyes set on Hutchinson and made the move with a few laps to go. The top 5 were Francis, Hickey, Elliot, Heaton and Hutchinson.

The VCSC would like to acknowledge the incredible support of event sponsors:

Associated Powdercoating
Compact Queens
Kay Mainline P/L
Meguiar’s Car Care Products
Guntner Australia
Max Dumesny Motorsports
Raceline Racewear
Ripper Sticker
Metal Works
Pro1 Race Parts
Due to our generous sponsors the highest placed rookie in the final received $250 thanks to Guntner Australia – congratulations to Robert Heaton.

Meguiar’s sponsored three car care buckets. They were awarded as follows:

  • Furthest Traveller – Mark Heaton
  • Good Sportsmanship -Rod Francis
  • Hard Charger – Mark Heaton

Raceline Racewear voucher for most driver profile likes on Facebook – Chris Curren

Max Dumesny Motorsports voucher – Craig Hickey

The VCSC would like to thank:

  • Craig and Louise from Random Panda Photography. To view more photos from the Victorian Title click here
  • Andrew Lardner, Phil Lardner, Dwayne Tournier and Stephan Harrison for their assistance throughout the night.
  • Joanne Heaton for her live-feed.
  • The team at Bairnsdale Speedway.
  • The Executive Committee – Butch Hutchinson, Justin Paull, Gin Turley and Mark Hutchinson.
  • The teams from NSW – it was wonderful working with you on the night. The comradery was superb!


Victorian Compact Speedcar Title

This Saturday 27th January sees the running of the 2017/2018 Victorian Compact Speedcar Title at Bairnsdale Speedway.

As drivers and crews are no doubt busy in the shed doing those last few adjustments to their cars, Saturday’s racing looks set to be spectacular!

Bairnsdale Speedway have put mammoth hours of labour into the track surface since the Compact’s last outing and it looks like providing action packed, wheel to wheel racing!

Seven drivers from the New South Wales Compact Speedcar Club (Craig Hickey, Jason Essai, Mark Heaton, Robert Heaton, Rod Francis, Bruce Adams and Ayden Elliot) will be racing as hard as they can to try to steal the Title (and the $1000 first place prize money) from a Victorian driver! Eleven divers from the home state will be trying their best to stop them, including defending champion Justin Paull, fresh off a win at the last completed nights racing at Laang. The VCSC would like to give a warm ‘welcome back’ to Joe Lostich, who will be racing in the Curren owned V32.

Current Victorian Title Holder, Justin Paull, with his Victorian Title trophy

Title races like these only go ahead with significant support from sponsors. Major Sponsors for this event are ASSOCIATED POWDERCOATING P/L, RIPPER STICKERS, KAY MAINLINE MANUFACTURING, COMPACT QUEENS, GUNTNER AUSTRALIA AND MEGUIAR’S CAR CARE PRODUCTS. Additional sponsors include MAX DUMESNY MOTORSPORTS AND REDLINE RACEWEAR.

The action kicks off first thing Saturday morning with Louis Rodriguez and Mark Heaton placing their cars on display in the Main Street of Bairnsdale from 9.00 am – 11.30 am.

Scrutineering commences at the track from 12.00 pm with a BBQ lunch supplied to all drivers and crews from 12.30pm. All Compact Speedcar cars and drivers must be in the pits by 2.00pm.

2017/2018 Victorian Compact Speedcar Title at Bairnsdale Speedway Nominations:

V2.         Butch Hutchinson
NSW2.  Craig Hickey
NSW4    Rod Francis
V6.         Mark Hutchinson
V8.         Mathew Brown
V11.       Louis Rodriquez
V12.       Justin Paull
NSW13 Jason Essai
V15.       Tania Hallett
V16.       Scott Thomson
V23.       Boofa Curren
V24.       Craig McKimmie
NSW26 Mark Heaton
V27.       Keith Astrella
V32.       Joe Lostich
NSW62 Robert Heaton
NSW63 Bruce Adams
NSW69 Ayden Elliot


(Photos thanks to Random Panda Photography)

Rodriguez wins at Rosedale

Rosedale Speedway was our first race for the season for the VCSC. The afternoon started off sunny, than by mid evening the weather started to change with rain causing delays. Once this cleared and the track was considered safe for the driver’s the cars were out for hot laps and then straight into Heat 1.

Keith Astrella, Justin Paull and Mathew Brown had issues with their cars, and Mark Cecil hitt the wall. Placings were Louis Rodriguez, Butch Hutchinson, Jason Crawford.

Heat 2 started of with Mark Hutchinson taking the lead, than Louis Rodriguez taking the lead to the end, Kyle Sharpe hitting the wall, placings were Louis Rodriguez, Mark Hutchinson and Jason Crawford.

Final race was 12 laps and taking out the winning flag was Louis Rodriguez then Butch Hutchinson, Chris Curren.

The best presented car went to Louis Rodriquez, winning the Meguiar’s Car Care Products gift box. A huge thankyou to Chris and Brett Curren Family for organising this for our club.

We would like to thank again Kyle Sharpe and his brother for coming down from Canberra, and joining us on the night, great guys you are, hope you both enjoyed racing with us and see you both again at one of our club shows. We would also like to thank all the Spectators for coming along, hope you all enjoyed the night as we did.

Lahiff wins at Sapphire Speedway

Grant Lahiff became feature winner number two for the season after scorching to his second big win at Sapphire Speedway Bega last weekend, he joins Mark Heaton who won round one at Cullen Bullen at the end of September.

A good field of Compact Speedcars were on hand with support from Victorians David Hutchinson and Louis Rodriguez. Having their first run in Compacts were Brad Rawlings and fellow Canberra driver Kyle Sharpe. Young Robert Heaton was also making his Compact debut. Former ACT champion Rob Rawlings returned to Compact action after almost 15 years.

The hosts provided another awesome race track for the Compact boys to strut their stuff. Louis Rodriguez made his intentions clear by romping away to claim heat race 1 ahead of Mark Heaton and Rod Burns. Unfortunately for Ayden Elliott his night ended after only four laps when his power plant let go.

Rob Rawlings return to Compacts couldn’t have gotten off to a better start after taking out the second heat in front of Grant Lahiff and David Hutchinson.

Louis Rodriguez ripped the track up breaking the lap record on the way to claiming his second win. Rod Burns, ever improving, held off Brad Forgeard for a great second placing. Mark Heaton’s night wasn’t going to plan with power steering issues forcing his retirement.

Grant Lahiff held off the Rawlings team in heat four beating home Rob and Brad. Young Robert Heaton was making steady progress showing plenty of skill keeping the car straight and out of trouble.

Rod Burns night just kept getting better and better winning heat5. Brad Forgeard brought his number 99 machine home second ahead of Andrew Coppock.

The final heat saw Grant Lahiff claim his second heat win again ahead of Rob Rawlings. David Hutchinson found the lower line was the faster line to finish 3rd a short distance back.

The reds were called for after a couple of laps into the feature for Andrew Coppock. An electrical fire had the fire crew quickly in attendance before any real damage could occur. The race restarted with Grant Lahiff resuming the lead, a lead he would extend for the remainder of the 15 lap feature. Rob Rawlings topped of a great return to compacts claiming a fast finishing second. Never outside the placings all night was Rod Burns bringing his ride home in third. “Butch” Hutchinson just got faster as the night went on resulting in a fine 4th placing ahead of a very consistent display from Brad Forgeard. Stewart Henderson overcame a poor earlier night to recover to be just outside the top five. Kyle Sharp made a very consistent start to his Compact career finishing every race and taking the car home straight as did Robert Heaton.

We are now looking forward to the third round in a few weeks at Goulburn Speedway.

Great Racing Action At Cullen Bullen

Cullen Bullen Speedway was the place to be on Saturday 30th September where 15 nominated compacts were ready for there first race meeting of the season. Having to split the heats made things very interesting with one interstate driver from Victoria v11 Louis Rodriguez making the travel up showing the love for speedway and to get a upper hand on his fellow Victorians with the battle between the two states. Car #33 Vince Sainsbury having mechanical issues had to retire before the start.
Heat 1 group 1
Started well with 7 cars lined up off they went side by side action until lap 6 where #2 Craig hickey making an outside move lapping junior rookie Ethan Brown where 2 wheels come together and yes you guessed it, over car #2 went having the first roll over for the new season ,putting Craig back on his wheels as he was wanting to continue the race was a no go .Taking out heat 1 win #69 Ayden Elliott 2nd #66 Rob Hodkinson 3rd #23 Rod burns

Heat 1 group 2
With 7 cars line up we watched some hard and close racing Louis Rodriguez the Victorian having a battle on his hands adapting to the Cullen bullen surface. Taking out the heat win #7 Dan Biner 2nd #27 Mark Heaton 3rd #v11 Louis Rodriguez.

With all our heats running so smoothly came time for the A main, from having 14 cars start the day and 12 cars left for the A main was going to see a lot of action from fastest to the rear.  The crowd were ready to see the compacts all out on that nice bull ring track were your lucky to get 3 cars side by side .The green flag drops and to see 12 compacts coming out of turn 2 with little to no room to make a mistake was amazing with the crowd on there feet biting nails watching these awesome cars battle it out. Brad forgeard #99 had said bye to everyone within 2 laps to have a comfortable lead, the action was behind him with the rest fighting for position, at one stage we had 3 cars running side by side. With Mark Heaton chasing down Brad the action was still going behind with Ayden Elliott ,Dan Biner, Louis Rodriguez, Rob Hodkinson ,Craig hickey Stewart Henderson,Rod Burns, Andrew Coppock, the battle was that tense back there, #66 trying a bold move by going 4 wide coming out of turn 2 .Unfortunately Rob experienced the walls intent, come too close and I’ll suck you in, sure enough Rob had his first experience with the wall, Red’s came on stopping the field in there tracks. #66 Rob Hodkinson was out and about waving his hands signalling his all good, the crowd was getting the action they all love that side by side racing with no margin of error, track been cleared we were ready to finish the 20 lap feature.

Lined up in single file 99 was leading them off with 8 laps to go green drops Brad makes a little mistake and was eaten up by Mark Heaton, knowing that mistake he made he quickly slotted back in behind Mark .The position by that time was Mark leading Brad 2nd Dan 3rd Ayden 4th Louis 5th Andrew 6th Stewart 7th Rod burns 8th with the rest dropping out with minor issues race continued to the Final lap with 5 cars running nose to tail that’s how they finished. Mark Heaton taking out the first meeting of season 17/18 .2nd Brad Forgeard 3rd Dan Biner
Congratulations to our interstate driver V11 Louis Rodriguez braking track record 15.780 job well done

Thanks to all drivers that attended job well done, looking forward to seeing you all at Bega for our 2nd meeting

A Big Season Ahead for NSW

The season is almost upon us and the NSW Compact Speedcar Club will start its 58th year of competition.

After what was a somewhat frustrating 2016-2017 season with wash outs at a premium, we are looking forward to season 2017-2018 with plenty of new drivers and a few who will be making a welcome return when racing gets underway at Cullen Bullen Speedway at the end of September.

Now is a good time to introduce you to our drivers who will be on track at some time this season.

2. Craig Hickey. Past club Champion. Upgrading to a later model chassis.
3. Alan Day. Will again share his time between Compacts and Midgets.
4. Rod Francis. Current State Champion. Has been enjoying himself since returning to the class.
5. Marty Perry. Returns after a season on the sidelines rebuilding what was the number 19 machine.
6. Gaby Yammouni. Club President. A new ride this season, Gaby is hoping for continued consistency.
7. Dan Biner. Like Alan Day, Dan will also be sharing his time between Midgets and Compacts.
8. Steve Zarb. Looking to giving it a good crack this season, Steve has the talent to win a few.
11. Richard Meyers. Richard also had last season off and will return full of enthusiasm.
13. Jason Essai. Returns after concentrating on his sons debut season in Junior Sedans last year.
14. Darren Margules. Another driver returning after a season off.
15. Rob Rawlings Snr. Returns to Compacts after a stint in Wingless Sprints and a very successful time in Legend Cars. Rob is a former ACT Compact Champ.
16. Brad Rawlings. Will be making his Compact debut after running several years in the Legends class.
17. Wayne Murphy. Had a couple of runs at the end of last season sorting out his Yamaha powered machine. Should make a strong start to the new season.
18. Darren Hawksworth. Been around for quite a while now, one of a few still running the old Datto.
21. Nathan O’Brien. A complete rebuild kept him off the track last season, now keen to do some laps.
22. Adam Henry. Took some time recovering from injuries after a crash at the previous seasons Aussie Title returned at the end of last season only to blow a motor.
23. Rod Burns. Came on gang busters towards the end of last season. We may see a new driver in the 23 machine.
24. Keiran Macklyn. Concentrated on his GP Midget while getting a new Compact ready.
25. Paul Backman. Will be making a return behind the wheel of the Ian Backman owned racer.
26. Mark Heaton. Set the track on fire last season winning the Club Championship in his first full season.
29. Carl Yenne. Purchased the ex Tony Aulsebrook machine and ran it in honour of Tony at Bega.
32. Ethan Brown. Stepping up from Junior Sedans to Compacts. Will be full of youthful exuberance.
33. Vince Sainsbury. Has been steadily building his ride which is a little unique in that it will be powered by a Suzuki V Twin.
34. Kyle Sharp. Kyle, from the ACT is full of enthusiasm to finally hit the dirt.
43. Andrew Coppock. Had his best ever meeting at the last round at Bega giving him some much needed confidence leading into this coming season.
44. Ben Fairfax. An Aircraft engineer currently based out of Adelaide, Ben has spent the past few years building up a car for this season.
47. Mark Shepherd. A blown engine kept Mark sidelined for most of last season.
51. Stewart Henderson. Proved that just being there at the finish will see you on the podium come seasons end.
54. Graeme Hook. A veteran Speedway racer “Hookie” is a Nowra local.
59. Rod Saville. Suffered a back injury after a crash at Sydney Speedway and had to sit out the back half of last season.
62. Robert Heaton. The eldest son of Mark and Joanne, Robert will make his Speedway debut at Cullen Bullen.
63. Bruce Adams. Last Seasons Rookie of the Year, Bruce came across to Compacts from Mod Lights and hasn’t looked back. He’s having a ball.
66. Rob Hodkinson. Has shown glimpses of his talent, now just needs to get his car up to his pace.
71. Ayden Elliott. Purchased a new ride and super keen to take it up to the “hot shots”.
72. Darryl Humphries. A newbie to Compacts. Will have more info shortly.
76. Con Buurveld. A true veteran of the Compact class, Con has been racing for over 25 years.
86. Rob Rawlings Jnr. Comes across from Legend cars with his dad. One of the top runners in that class.
98. Grant Lahiff. After many years at the top of Speedway Karts Grants Compact debut at the end of last season had plenty sitting up and paying attention.
99. Brad Forgeard. Busted a collar bone last season and had to sit out a good part of the racing season.