The Allan Streader 34

We’re joining the NSW Compact Speedcar Club to celebrate the contribution of a legend, Alan Streader, across two events this season.

During the running of this coming season the New South Wales Compact Speedcar Club celebrates its 60th birthday. This is a very significant milestone in speedway history as there are not many clubs that have been around as long.

And it is only fitting that in this 60th year the NSW Compact Speedcar Club, in partnership with the Victorian Compact Speedcar Club have come up with an event that will become one of Compact Speedcars most prestigious Blue-Ribbon events. “The Alan Streader 34”. This event will celebrate and honor this class’s absolute legend, Alan Streader.

Alan, a Life Member, has been, and still is an integral part of this proud division having been one of the driving forces in the formation of this club back in 1959 when the front engine TQ’s separated from the rear engine cars to stand proudly as a class in their own right.

Alan was also instrumental in forming the Australian Compact Speedcar Association by bringing New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, who were all running very similar cars, together, under the one set of specifications and rules.

As a driver Alan Streader is a true legend winning countless championships and continuing to race well into his seventies. I still remember his last race meeting in a Compact. It was at Cullen Bullen and Alan showed he had lost none of his prowess behind the wheel. Reveling on the dirt, he was the only one to use the high line, searching for that heavy dirt and making those outside passes.

If it wasn’t for Alan Streader many drivers from many open wheel speedway classes would not have progressed as far as they had. A self-taught fabricator, Alan built his own engines and chassis as well as for numerous other racers. He modified VW gear boxes and turned them into quick change diffs. During the seventies these were all the rage weighing more than half the weight of the more fancied Morris and Austin diffs which were pretty much all that was on offer at the time.

Alan was famous for his red helmet and red scarf, hence his nick name “Red Baron”. This event will be run over two meetings, the first at Sydney Speedway on October the 12th 2019 and the second at Wangaratta on the 9th of May 2020. Each feature will be run over the distance of 17 laps, totaling 34. The place getters of each feature will receive a red scarf as a part of their prize. More details will be posted shortly.