Rodriguez wins at Rosedale

Rosedale Speedway was our first race for the season for the VCSC. The afternoon started off sunny, than by mid evening the weather started to change with rain causing delays. Once this cleared and the track was considered safe for the driver’s the cars were out for hot laps and then straight into Heat 1.

Keith Astrella, Justin Paull and Mathew Brown had issues with their cars, and Mark Cecil hitt the wall. Placings were Louis Rodriguez, Butch Hutchinson, Jason Crawford.

Heat 2 started of with Mark Hutchinson taking the lead, than Louis Rodriguez taking the lead to the end, Kyle Sharpe hitting the wall, placings were Louis Rodriguez, Mark Hutchinson and Jason Crawford.

Final race was 12 laps and taking out the winning flag was Louis Rodriguez then Butch Hutchinson, Chris Curren.

The best presented car went to Louis Rodriquez, winning the Meguiar’s Car Care Products gift box. A huge thankyou to Chris and Brett Curren Family for organising this for our club.

We would like to thank again Kyle Sharpe and his brother for coming down from Canberra, and joining us on the night, great guys you are, hope you both enjoyed racing with us and see you both again at one of our club shows. We would also like to thank all the Spectators for coming along, hope you all enjoyed the night as we did.