Great Racing Action At Cullen Bullen

Cullen Bullen Speedway was the place to be on Saturday 30th September where 15 nominated compacts were ready for there first race meeting of the season. Having to split the heats made things very interesting with one interstate driver from Victoria v11 Louis Rodriguez making the travel up showing the love for speedway and to get a upper hand on his fellow Victorians with the battle between the two states. Car #33 Vince Sainsbury having mechanical issues had to retire before the start.
Heat 1 group 1
Started well with 7 cars lined up off they went side by side action until lap 6 where #2 Craig hickey making an outside move lapping junior rookie Ethan Brown where 2 wheels come together and yes you guessed it, over car #2 went having the first roll over for the new season ,putting Craig back on his wheels as he was wanting to continue the race was a no go .Taking out heat 1 win #69 Ayden Elliott 2nd #66 Rob Hodkinson 3rd #23 Rod burns

Heat 1 group 2
With 7 cars line up we watched some hard and close racing Louis Rodriguez the Victorian having a battle on his hands adapting to the Cullen bullen surface. Taking out the heat win #7 Dan Biner 2nd #27 Mark Heaton 3rd #v11 Louis Rodriguez.

With all our heats running so smoothly came time for the A main, from having 14 cars start the day and 12 cars left for the A main was going to see a lot of action from fastest to the rear.  The crowd were ready to see the compacts all out on that nice bull ring track were your lucky to get 3 cars side by side .The green flag drops and to see 12 compacts coming out of turn 2 with little to no room to make a mistake was amazing with the crowd on there feet biting nails watching these awesome cars battle it out. Brad forgeard #99 had said bye to everyone within 2 laps to have a comfortable lead, the action was behind him with the rest fighting for position, at one stage we had 3 cars running side by side. With Mark Heaton chasing down Brad the action was still going behind with Ayden Elliott ,Dan Biner, Louis Rodriguez, Rob Hodkinson ,Craig hickey Stewart Henderson,Rod Burns, Andrew Coppock, the battle was that tense back there, #66 trying a bold move by going 4 wide coming out of turn 2 .Unfortunately Rob experienced the walls intent, come too close and I’ll suck you in, sure enough Rob had his first experience with the wall, Red’s came on stopping the field in there tracks. #66 Rob Hodkinson was out and about waving his hands signalling his all good, the crowd was getting the action they all love that side by side racing with no margin of error, track been cleared we were ready to finish the 20 lap feature.

Lined up in single file 99 was leading them off with 8 laps to go green drops Brad makes a little mistake and was eaten up by Mark Heaton, knowing that mistake he made he quickly slotted back in behind Mark .The position by that time was Mark leading Brad 2nd Dan 3rd Ayden 4th Louis 5th Andrew 6th Stewart 7th Rod burns 8th with the rest dropping out with minor issues race continued to the Final lap with 5 cars running nose to tail that’s how they finished. Mark Heaton taking out the first meeting of season 17/18 .2nd Brad Forgeard 3rd Dan Biner
Congratulations to our interstate driver V11 Louis Rodriguez braking track record 15.780 job well done

Thanks to all drivers that attended job well done, looking forward to seeing you all at Bega for our 2nd meeting