NSW Points Score

With the New South Wales Compact Speedcar Clubs season at the half way point the time is right to give a run down of the club championship point score to date.

With six meetings now completed this is how the field stacks up.
Rob Eyeington 301 points
Mark Shepherd 259
Alan Day 239
Gaby Yammouni 225
Darren Margules 190
Jason Essai 185
Kieran Macklyn 125
Mitch Biner 123
Stewart Henderson 86
Steve Zarb 73
Adam Henry 68
Rod Francis 57
Steven Hawksworth 57
Mark Heaton 55
Darren Hawksworth 54
Gavin Gay 47
Andrew Coppock 42
Marty Perry 42
Chris Ferguson 32
Tony Aulsebrook 20
Craig Hickey 16
Dan Biner 11

Extremely encouraging for the future of Compacts in New South Wales is the fact 5 of the top ten are Rookie drivers. Interest is high with several drivers in the process of getting cars ready for action in the coming weeks and months. Adam Lawson has recently purchased the ex Cyril Robinson TCR/Yamaha R1 and is hoping to be on track at the end of January, as is former sedan and GP Midget racer Rod Saville. Rod will share the driving with son Scott up till the time they both have a car.

Mark Heaton, former Legend Car racer, was so impressed after a drive in Jason Essai’s Breka/Suzuki that he is now in the process of building up a car as is another Legend steerer, Adam Fisher.

Gaby Yammouni has a young guy ready to have a steer in one of his cars. He will make his debut on the 23rd Jan