Start of the new season in Q.L.D.

Well saturday the 17/10 was the first meeting of the new season.
Wth 14 cars nominated 13 turned up unfotunately Dave Swan did not get his new car finished in time. With 3 A graders and 5 B graders 5 new drivers it was looking to be a good star to the season for the club.
First heat was won by Darren Vine from Chris Paqlini in secound and Chris Serle-Thrussell in for third.Second heat was won by Darren Dillon second went to Chris Serle-Thrussell and third went to Nick Gannon.Third and final heat of the night was taken out by Darren Vine with Darren Dillon in second and Daniel Maloney in for third. In this heat Matt Juczak and Chris Pidgeon both getting up side down with Chris Paolini damaging a motor.
Feature time with 11 cars starting as the cars rolled out on track Darren Dillon had chain problems and had to retire before the start.The win going to Darren Vine from Chris Serle-Thrussell and Nick Gannon in for third.all in all it was a good night for the club with so many new drivers on hand so well done every body.