2014/2015 Australian Compact Speedcar Title Goes to Vine

Article written by NSWCSC Media

The 2014-2015 Australian Compact Speedcar Championship was run and won on Saturday night at Rushworth Speedway in country Victoria with Darren Vine coming out victorious for the third year in a row.

As with a lot of races luck plays a part. In the championship final good luck was on the side of Vine and bad luck was on the side of long time race leader and likely winner, Wayne Corbett.

Prior to the start of the feature races the Rushworth track prep crew brought out the grader and water truck in an attempt to improve the condition of the race surface which for the heat races was a little rough and dry. What they ended up providing was a smooth, moist and oh so fast race track.

24 cars rolled out onto the track for the 30 lap final. How good is it to see a full field of quality Compact Speedcars? The front row had equal top scores, Queenslands Wayne Corbett and Darren Vine heading up the pack. Out of 3 and 4 were Geoff Meyers and Alan Day then came Darren Dillon, Craig Hickey, Tony Aulsebrook, Mark Cecil, Chris Searle, Matt Adams, Louis Rodriguez, Chris Curren, Jason Crawford, Mitch Biner, Dave Collins, Kyle Collins, Carl Yenne, Andrew Lardner, Will Vanderark, Travis Mills, Keith Astrella, Richard Meyers, Rob Eyeington and Adam Henry.

Vine won the race for the early lead ahead of Corbett, Day, Geoff Meyers and Cecil the top five at the completion of the first lap. Corbett showed his intensions taking over the lead from Vine becoming the new leader on lap three.

The yellows came on lap 5 when Mitch Biner backed into the turn 3 wall. Mitch dejectedly walked back to the pit favouring a sore shoulder, the car faired even worse. At the restart the top ten were Corbett, Vine, Dillon, Cecil, Day, Geoff Meyers, Aulsebrook, Hickey, Adams and Mills. There were still 21 cars on the track. Early retirees were Richard Meyers, Chris Curren and Andrew Lardner.

When the race resumed Corbett was the leader with Vine inches away in second. These two steadily opened a gap but the gap between these 2 never changed, it was a real dog fight. The battle for the minor placings was intense and the pace was a cracker. The next twenty laps reeled off in quick time. It appeared Vine was just as quick as Corbett but it was going to come down to a mistake for any chance of Vine picking up another Aussie Title.

With five laps remaining that mistake came as Corbett spun on turn 4 at the same time Hickey had picked up a puncture and also spun. Corbett now had to go to the rear after what had been to that point a sensational drive. As the cars rolled around forming up, Travis Mills was forced to the infield with a deflating outside rear tyre. So with only five laps left to run the order was now Vine, Dillon, Cecil, Meyers, Aulsebrook, Day, Rodriguez, Eyeington, who had started from the very last row, Dave Collins and Carl Yenne now the top ten.

Darren Vine drove away from the field over those closing laps to record his trifecta of Aussie Titles. Darren Dillon held onto second. Geoff Meyers got by Mark Cecil with a lap to go to claim third. Tony Aulsebrook came in 5th ahead of Alan Day 6th, Louis Rodriguez 7th, Rob Eyeington 8th, Dave Collins 9th and Wayne Corbett 10th.

A quick rundown of the heat races where the first heat started with a win going to Geoff Meyers with Mark Cecil 2nd, early race leader Tony Aulsebrook 3rd, Keith Astrella 4th and Richard Meyers 5th.

Heat 2. Darren Vine raced to an easy win ahead of Craig Hickey, Will Vanderark, Carl Yenne and Mitch Biner the top five.

Heat 3. Wayne Corbett lead all 8 laps taking out the final heat of the first round. Rob Eyeington chased in second ahead of Alan Day, Darren Dillon and Matt Adams rounding out the top five.

Heat 4. Vine again lead from go to wo. Hickey picked up another second with Chris Searle 3rd, Geoff Meyers 4th and Aulsebrook 5th.

Heat 5. The red lights came on for the first time after a nasty dual roll by Rob Eyeington and Will Vanderark. Eyeingtons’ car was too badly damaged to return for the remaining races and was put on the trailer. Vanderark sustained an injury to his leg while his crew were able to make repairs to have him ready for his next heat. Mark Cecil was an easy winner ahead of Darren Dillon and Richard Meyers in third.

Heat 6. Another dominant performance from Wayne Corbett. Alan Day passed Matt Adams late. Chris Curren had a great run to finish 4th ahead of Dave Collins.

Heat 7. It was Geoff Meyers turn to lead from green to checkers. Corbett came in 2nd from Craig Hickey, Dave Collins and Chris Curren.

Heat 8. Alan Day had the set up right for his last heat defeating Darren Vine by a good margin. Chris Searle, Rodriguez and Biner were the top five.

The final heat saw former Aussie champ Darren Dillon victorious ahead of Aulsebrook, Mills and Crawford who all crossed the line in a bunch. Rob Eyeington was offered to drive the Marty Perry number 19 and picked up 5th place in the final heat.