Corbett Gets Job Done At Toowoomba

Last Saturday night Wayne Corbett used a late race caution to his advantage as he made the move passed Robbie Stewart to win with Byron Schmoll coming home in third place.
With a nice warm sunny day beating down on the track and a big field of cars in all divisions, watching track conditions was going to be extremely important as it slicked off early hence setup and throttle control would be a major factor.
James Murphy who is among the newer drivers to join the club this year was first to hit the ground running for the night as he blasted away from the front row chased by Kyle Collins. Corbett and Stewart who started down the back began the chase through the field as Schmoll, Walker and Swan scrapped midfield, with Rob Pidgeon, Hayden Reigos and Shane Malt having their own battle. Upfront however it was all Murphy as he ran away to win his first ever race in a compact clocking a lap time of 14.035 @ 102.601kph, followed home by Stewart, Corbett, Kyle Collins, Dave Swan, Schmoll, Sarah Walker, Jayden Reigos, Rob Pidgeon, Shane Malt and Steve Isdale, Daniel Maloney DNF.
Well done James!
Heat 2 rolled out with most drivers having to replace the right rear tyre after burning it off in heat 1 and a bit more wary of track conditions. Murphy was looking to go back to back however this time it was Swan who got the jump and lead early before Stewart made his way to the front with Schmoll in hot pursuit. Dave Collins was now behind the wheel of the #21 machine and came to an abrupt halt a couple of laps in as he collected the spinning Walker. Pidgeon joined the upside down club as he spun to avoid the incident and gently rolled over. He was able to restart as was Collins and Walker with only superficial damage to the #17 machine of Walker. As the laps wound down Stewart looked to be in the groove and saving his tyres as young Schmoll drove hard to catch him and altho closed the gap Stewart took the victory with Corbett third, Swan, Collins, Walker, Murphy, Isdale and Maloney.
With time slipping away heat 3 was scratched and it was straight into the feature. As is the exciting format we run the fast A grade guys were at the back of the bus and were going to have to be on the gas to catch the runners upfront. At the drop of the green it was Schmoll who stepped up the pace and broke clear looking to runaway while down the back Stewart went to the top of the banking and rounded up four cars in one corner! As per usual Corbett wasn’t letting Stewart out of his sight as he to worked through the pack. Stewart caught Schmoll but had to bide his time as Schmoll was on the pace and was proving hard to pass. Stewart grabbed his opportunity on lap 5 with Corbett also making his move as Schmoll searched for another line on the racetrack to find more speed. Murphys night came to an early end and he headed infield and was soon joined by Kyle Collins with chain issues. As the laps wound down it seemed Stewart was looking comfortable before the yellows came on and bunched the field up. At the restart it was Corbett who made the move as Stewart went a bit too low leaving the high line open for Corbett to get the run around the top and take the lead while Schmoll tried to buy in also, but it would be Corbett who would hang on and take the victory from Stewart, Schmoll, Walker, Swan, Maloney and Isdale.
This was a good hit out for all teams at the Speedbowl as our next meeting there on March 14 is the Queensland Title!
Next chance to catch the flying compacts is 21st February at Archerfield Speedway….see you all there!!