Junior Takes Out His Second Feature For The Season

While rain is playing havoc lets wind back the clock to Saturday December 13 and recap the night Nick Hudson grabbed probably the best feature race so far this season leading home Wayne Corbett and Emma Harris.

Once again only a small field of cars filled the pits with several cars running out of time to be ready for the show. Heat 1 was relatively uneventful until lap 4 when Kyle Collins and Hudson Jnr came together in turn 2 leaving Junior on his side after a gentle roll over. He would retire infield with a flat rear tyre. Gary Hudson took victory ahead of Corbett, Sarah Walker, Emma Harris, Audie Malt, Dave Swan and Collins.

Collins and Hudson Jnr led the field away in heat 2 with Collins getting the jump and holding both Hudson cars at bay. Lap 2 Jnr got under Collins but half spun entering turn three leaving Collins no where to go but tap the back of his car spinning Jnr to a stop. He would restart from the rear. Meanwhile Harris was having her best run of the season so far dicing with Corbett. Harris has had a wretched run so far with no luck and must have seen a thousand black cats but was starting to turn it all around. She chased Corbett all the way to the checkered flag as they finished behind Hudson followed by early leader Collins who is really starting to get to grips with the Henchcraft seat he is filling for father Dave. Jnr got back to 5th followed by Walker, Cameron Pesschier, Swan and Malt.

Hudson took out heat three from Corbett, Swan with a great drive in third, Harris, Pesschier, Hudson Jnr and Sarah Walker. Collins and Malt DNS.

Feature time saw Collins and Jnr off the front row with Jnr grabbing the lead as Harris pounced from inside third row to slot into second. Corbett was on the move as a three way battle for the lead developed. Malt pulled infield with mechanical issues, meanwhile the battle at the front was entertainment plus as Harris railed around the top and Jnr ran the bottom often only inches apart while Corbett must of thought he was in Gold Class at the movies watching the show! Lap after lap they raced side by side as Corbett stalked them waiting for a mistake or a half gap which he got with four laps to go as he slid under Harris then applied the heat to Jnr. Altho able to get his nose underneath Jnr Corbett just couldn’t sneak past as Harris wasn’t giving up and was flat out as she ran the top making it two wide on many occasions! At the flag tho it was Jnr who hung on for the win and yet another demonstration of his growing maturity and driving skill ahead of Corbett who was consistent as ever and Harris who had her best night of the season and showed what she is capable of when she has the chance. Hudson was fourth ahead of Collins, Swan Pesschier and Walker.

So with the first half of the season wrapped up its into the new year we go with New Years day the next event on the calendar at Archerfield Speedway and a good field of cars expected as more competitors get their cars on track!!

So all the best for the new year and hope you start it the best way possible at the clay way with us!!