Weather wins at Goulburn

The NSW Compacts swept into Goulburn Speedway on Saturday night for their first hit out in anger and were greeted with a track that had been prepared to near perfection and a quality field of racing machines.

Unfortunately the rains also swept in prior to the start of the Compacts feature race. The boys did a sterling job to try and put on a show for the large crowd on hand but conditions deteriorated and the race was called at the completion of the seventh lap. At the time it was Tony Abson at the front with Steven Hawksworth sitting in second and Craig Hickey in third.

Heat race action was hot and frantic as the back markers made their charges towards the front. Heat 1 was led away by Steven Hawksworth in his KHP/Yamaha. Steve Zarb was to start out of position 2 but had to withdraw with mechanical problems with his Allach/Datsun. Tony Aulsebrook rounded up Steven Hawksworth and charged to the lead aboard his Hombre/Suzuki GSXR. Hawksworth’s Yamaha was starving for fuel and was soon passed by the field before he retired it to the infield.
Darren Margules in his Jackson/Mazda then tried to take the challenge up to Aulsebrook. Carl Yenne was making his way forward from the rear aboard the Breka/Suzuki GSXR and moved into second with three laps to go. Craig Hickey (Allach/Yamaha R1) was having a ding dong battle with Tony Abson in the Henchcraft/Kawasaki.
Alan Day was given the black flag with his XXX/Suzuki setting of a huge smoke screen. Rookie driver Simon Backman stayed on the tail of the field and was smooth and not too far off the race pace. With more laps in the Murphy/Kawasaki under his belt, Simon will soon be racing at the pointy end.
1st, Tony Aulsebrook. 2nd, Carl Yenne, 3rd, Darren Margules. 4th, craig Hickey. 5th, Tony Abson.

The second heat was under yellows before a lap had been completed. Tony Abson caused a chain reaction when his front brake locked on and slowed in front of the charging pair of Carl Yenne and Darren Hawksworth who made contact. Hawksworth retired infield with a bent front axle, Yenne was able to restart as was Abson.
Craig Hickey led from the restart and was never in danger taking an easy win over Darren Margules, Carl Yenne, Tony Aulsebrook and Alan Day. Con Buurveld was having dramas aboard his Gardner/Datsun with a suspected blown head gasket.

Next Saturday night the NSW Compacts will be heading to Nowra Speedway which will see the return of local racers Adam Henry and Lee Stokes along with Rob Eyeington. Make sure your there to be a part of the action.