NSW All Set For First Hit Out

The NSW Compacts are primed to hit the track next Saturday night at Goulburn Speedway. Some new faces and a return of some familiar faces are included in the line up of drivers ready to unleash for round 1 of the season long pointscore.

The nominations to date are:
N2 Craig Hickey
N3 Alan Day
N5 Steve Zarb
N17 Steven Hawksworth
N18 Darren Hawksworth
N26 Tony Abson
N29 Tony Aulsebrook
N32 Darren Margules
N52 Simon Backman
N55 Carl Yenne
N76 Con Buurveld

Alan Day will be out to defend his crown as NSW Club Champion. He will have his hands full holding off the challenges of Hickey, Margules, Yenne and Aulsebrook. Making a welcome return to the Compacts is former Aussie champ, Tony Abson. His return adds plenty to the quality of the competition in the ranks.

Simon Backman will make his Compact debut in the ex Rowlands family Murphy/Kawasaki. Simon recently turned some impressive laps at a Nowra practice and is champing at the bit to race in ernest.

ACT driver Con Buurveld makes a return after a season off at the wheel of his Datsun powered, Gardner chassis.

Make sure your at Goulburn next Saturday for some intense open wheel racing.