Cardwell Cup Run and Won!

The Cardwell Cup had all the twists and turns of a Hollywood blockbuster. With only one casualty in the heat races, Michael Dixon rolled and was left with too much damage to continue the night.
As the final got underway it was only a few laps In when Joe Lostitch, while running 4th made heavy contact with the wall on the exit of turn 2, spearing across the track and bring collected by Jason Crawford who had nowhere to go but skyward.
On the re start Robbie a Gordon led the field away but was controversially put to the rear for accelerating too early.
As the race got underway again it wasn’t long before race leader Mark Cecil blew his motor in a big way and headed infield in a ball of flames which brought out the reds again. Mark was unhurt.
Geoff Meyers lead the field away with Robbie Gordon regaining the lead shortly after followed by Kimberley Yateman and Matthew Adams.
Adams got by Yateman and soon after Meyers succumbed to mechanical issues.
At the flag it was Gordon with a comfortable win, Adams second with Yateman hot on his heels in third and rookie Justin Paull in fourth.