Corbett’s paitience pays off.

Queensland’s Wayne Corbett played the waiting game snatching the lead late in the race to take victory in the 2013-2014 NSW Compact Speedcar Titles at Falcones Bread Nowra Speedway last Saturday night.

In an action packed final Wayne Corbett driving the Razor/Kawasaki ZX10 passed Alan Day (XXX/Suzuki GSXR) around the outside with the white flag in sight. Craig Hickey brought the Alach/Yamaha R1 home for third with Gavin Gay (Foster/Suzuki GSXR and Darren Hawksworth (Stealth/Datsun) fourth and fifth respectively.

The feature was brought under the reds just after the drop of the green when Mullumbimby’s Emma Harris drifted wide in turns one and two, hitting the wall and upending her Bailey Compact. A complete restart was called with Gary Hudson off pole.
Hudson was smartly into the lead in the Razor/Kawasaki ZX10, in hot pursuit was Alan Day, Wayne Corbett, Robbie Gordon, Craig Hickey, Nick Hudson, Gavin Gay, Tony Aulsebrook, Darren Hawksworth and Darren Margules the top ten at the completion of the first lap.
The racing was brilliant and oh so fast. Alan Day briefly took the lead with a great pass going into 3 with an equally good pass by Hudson to retake the lead as they exited 4.
With the laps quickly winding down Robbie Gordon started to make his way towards the lead. After disposing of Corbett and Day he made a dive for the lead coming into heavy contact with the leader Hudson entering turn one. Hudson stopped entering turn three and the yellows were displayed. The bad sportsmanship flag was shown to Gordon and he was ordered to the rear of the field. Hudson was also now at the rear the result of stopping and bringing on the yellows.
Alan Day led the field away for a green, white, checker race to the finish. The Day car wasn’t handling as well as it was earlier, the result of a deflating outside rear tyre. Corbett took advantage of this and drove around Day to race to a win in the championship final. Finishing in 6th was Tony Aulsebrook with Steven Hawksworth, Darren Margules, Gary Hudson and Robbie Gordon rounding out the top ten.

The heat races were at times affected by light rain. A few spots started to fall as heat one began to form up. Rob Eyeington took advantage of an outside front row start to take the win from Alan Day, Gary Hudson, Darren Margules and Wayne Corbett.

Heat 2 saw an all the way win to Craig Hickey with Victorias Joe Lostitch in 2nd with Nick Hudson in 3rd. Darren Hawksworth just held out Tony Aulsebrook for 4th. Robbie Gordon had a spectacular roll in hot laps, bending a rear axle. He had no spare but thanks to Joe Lostitch who had one in his trailer Gordon was able to make the necessary repairs to be back for action later in the evening.

Heat 3 was another flag to flag race with Gary Hudson showing all a clean pair of heals easily winning ahead of Wayne Corbett, Darren Hawksworth, Gavin Gay and Craig Hickey.
After making repairs Robbie Gordon showed sensational speed to win the fourth heat. Alan Day kept him honest with 2nd. 3rd place went to Tony Aulsebrook with Joe Lostitch and Emma Harris in 4th and 5th. Rob Eyeington ended his night in spectacular fashion with a fire ball out the side of the number 98 machine and a hole right through the crank cases.

Another heat going flag to flag was heat 5. Wayne Corbett had an easy win ahead of Gavin Gay, Joe Lostitch, Steven Hawksworth and Lee Stokes.

The final heat was stopped after Emma Harris rolled before the completion of the first lap. She was able to restart at the rear along with Tony Aulsebrook who was also involved. As the cars restarted to form up precipitation began to fall from the sky, not a lot just enough to make the track a little greasy. The officials were desperate to complete this race being the last heat.
Robbie Gordon was the first to make the highline work getting plenty of drive as the rest tried to find grip on the greasy lower race line. Gordon claimed the win ahead of Gary Hudson, Nick Hudson, Craig Hickey and Darren Hawksworth.
The photos that accompany this article are courtesy of Maximumactionphotography.