‘The Rocket’ Rob Stewart Too Good

Saturday night saw the seasons highest car count to date and some great racing action on a track that caught more than a few out. Once again the class of Rob Stewart in the Mike Vine Turbo sponsored BHR m…achine shone through as he was dominant all night with a second and first in the heats capped off with a fine feature win from the back of the bus!
With high temperatures and a high car count in all the divisions the track condition was always going to be important to try and keep up with and make the right changes. The cars from the back were going to have to be on it to get through.
Heat 1 got underway with Gary Hudson getting the early jump and blasting to the front from the start and was never headed. Stewart also made easy work of coming through the field and set out after Hudson. Emma Harris, Chris Paolini, Herb Hecker and Cameron Pesschier were all elbows up and locked in battle before Harris managed to clear out and nab Steve Smith for third place on the last lap. So Hudson took the win from Stewart, Harris, Smith, Hecker, Paolini, Pesschier, Corbett and USA’s Wes Irwin. Kyle Collins did not finish.
Heat 2 and after a big crash the meeting before Scott Stirling was out to make amends and that he did in his new A Stirling Excavations Henchcraft. The big friendly giant started down the back but bolted from the green flag making short work of the pack who didn’t see him again till the checkered flag fell! John Churchill, Paul McManimm, Barry Gibbes and Dave Collins were locked in a royal battle often running three wide and using every bit of track available before Gibbes managed to find a way through and clear out to grab third behind a good drive by Nick Hudson. McManimm and Collins swapped positions a few times with McManimm grabbing fourth from Collins and Dave Swan. Churchill and Dave Harris did not finish with Harris’s Can-Am construction sponsored car’s wretched season of engine dramas continuing…
Drama would unfold in heat 3 in a big way. First casualty was Gibbes who spun the Mancave Motorsport #66 racer up on the cushion leaving no where for Gary Hudson to go but into him resulting in Gibbes rolling over. Gibbes emerged unhurt and with very minimal damage and would return for the feature. With the restart underway it would be short lived as contact on lap 3 between Pesschier and Hudson saw Pesschier spin infield coming out of turn two. As the yellows came on contact between Hudson and McManimm down the back straight saw McManimm make hard contact with the fence and barrel roll the #12 violently several times before coming to rest on his wheels. McManimm was ok but his car was junk and his night was done. Hudson was deemed cause of incident and parked on the infield. Back to the green and Stewart easily took victory ahead of Herb Hecker who had a great drive, Nick Hudson, Swan, Irwin and Pesschier.
Steve Smith turned in a fantastic drive to take out heat 4 with Stirling all over the back of him trying to find a way passed. Smith held his nerve and line to perfection as Stirling looked high and low but couldn’t find a way passed. Wayne Corbett in the Gibbtrans sponsored car was having a quiet night by his standards took third ahead of the Collins Family racing machine of Dave Collins, with Emma Harris rounding out the finishes. The pits was a busy place with damage to repair and setup changes aplenty.
Feature time and the drama continued Gibbes got caught up with another car midpack turning him around which inturn involved Stirling, both Hudson cars and Emma Harris who took a wild ride and altho stayed on her wheels did considerable damage to the #44. Harris and Nick Hudson were out with all others restaring and Gibbes sent rear. Smiths race would end next lap in a massive cloud of smoke resembling engine failure, it was however a split oil line so good news for Smith but his race was done. Pesschier was doing a fine job out front but Stewart was quietly working through the field and on lap 9 when the next caution flew was in second. Stirling turned the #47 leaving Collins nowhere to go but into him standing the #21 up on its tail before landing on its wheels. Gibbes and Hecker were also involved but would restart however Collins and Stirling would not. Paolini parked with engine dramas. At the restart Stewart grabbed the lead before a lap later Pesschier spun and parked the car on its side. He would start rear of field but retired next lap. All the time Corbett had been creeping forward and was now in second place. Hudson and Gibbes had worked their way back up from the rear and on lap 12 Gibbes moved under Hudson for third. With a lap to go Gibbes’s engine would stop leaving turn 2 and Hudson’s car slowed dramatically allowing Swan to pounce and grab third. A great effort from Swan and his best result to date. Wes Irwin grabbed fourth from Hudson and Hecker. DNF’s were, Harris, Nick Hudson, Stirling, Gibbes, Collins, Pesschier, Paolini and Smith.
Workshop lights will be burning long this week as the teams turn the cars around for this weekend which sees them return to The Lucas Oil Lismore Speedway for the first time in a few years!See More