Saturday Night Is GO Time

This Saturday night the mighty pocket rocket compacts hit the track at Archerfield Speedway and the pits will be chocka block with 20…yes that’s right 20 of the best of them battling it out along with the USA fl…yer who’s been driving everything lately Wes Irwin!!
Nominations 2   Audie Malt 6   Steve Smith 7   Chris Searle 8   Dave Swan 9   John Churchill 10  Wayne Corbett 11  Rob Stewart 12  Paul McManimm USA17  Wes Irwin 21  Dave Collins 32  Chris Paolini 41  Emma Harris 44  Dave Harris 47  Scott Stirling 52  Herb Hecker 66  Barry Gibbes 69  Gary Hudson 92  David Devine 96  Nick Hudson 99  Cameron Pesschier
With only a few meetings until the Australian Title its “time to get on the pace or you’ll just take up space!”