Nominations for the 42nd PARR Motorsports Victorian Compact Speedcar Title

Here are the nominations for the 42nd Victorian Compact Speedcar Title proudly sponsored by PARR Motorosports

to be held at Wangaratta City Speedway on Saturday 11th January.

Qld 21 David Collins
Qld 75 Kyle Collins
Qld 52 Herb Hecker
Qld 9   John Chirchill
Qld 41 Emma Harris
NSW 6 Darren Margules
NSW 98 Rob Eyeington
NSW 15 Gavin Gay
Vic 9  Troy Wolley
Vic 48 Robbie Gordon
Vic 10 John Gordon
Vic 58 Joe Lostitch
Vic 77 Johnny Kyriacou
Vic 42 Micheal Dickson
Vic 7 Mark Cecil
Vic 46 Leigh Foulston
Vic 26 Jason Donnelly
Vic 21 Matthew Adams
Vic 18 Jason Crawford
Vic 54 Geoff Meyers
Vic 75 Brad Day
Vic 5 Andrew Lardner
Vic 32 Chris Curren