This Saturday night sees the Compacts make their debut at The Toowoomba Speedbowl. It is also the second time this season that Double Points are on offer….or as “Richie Benaud” would say its ‘two for two for Toowoomba now that’s maaarrrvelousss!

With four different feature winners so far this year and a very tight points table, picking a winner is anyone’s guess as crews will be working quickly to get their set up right and their drivers right foot flat!!

Audie Malt, Dave Swan, Wayne Corbett, Robbie Stewart, Paul Mcmannim, Byron Schmoll, Dave Collins, Chris Paolini, Emma Harris, Dave Harris, Scott Stirling, Barry Gibbes, Kyle Collins, Matt O’Neill, Cameron Pesschier.

Points Table;
Robert Stewart 346
Cameron Pesschier 337
Barry Gibbes 325
Emma Harris 265
Audie Malt 239
Wayne Corbett 237
Dave Collins 227
Scott Stirling 215
Dave Swan 207
Paul McMannim 143
Chris Paolini 118
Scott Jeynes 117
Rob Parfitt 116
Peter Pesschier 107
Dave Harris 98
Byron Schmoll 73
Sarah Walker 66
Kyle Collins 64
Matt O’Neill 58
Gary Hudson 40

So bring on the sunshine and get to the ‘Bowl cause if you aint goin flat out ya better get out’!!!1463607_592610237471345_1305792689_n