Stewart Storms To Victory

Robbie Stewart raced to victory on Saturday night at Archerfield Speedway beneath stormy skies which would eventually curtail the feature two laps short. Stewart moved into the lead late in the race and had built a lead before a yellow light for the spun car of Dave Collins slowed the field and down came the rain bringing the meeting to a close.

The meeting started in warm sunshine and 15 cars filled the pits with the hope of getting the job done knowing impending storms were predicted.
Heat 1 saw Emma Harris on the gas and and hold off the initial challenge from Wayne Corbett who in turn came under pressure from Stewart who had worked through the field. Harris was too good tho and Stewart had to settle for second, Corbett third, Barry Gibbes fourth, Cameron Pesschier fifth and Byron Schmoll home sixth. Unfortunatley Dave Harris had engine dramas and his night was done.

Heat 2 saw Corbett again on the pace and this time he wouldn’t be denied as he lead home Dave Collins, Scott Stirling, Pesschier and Kyle Collins. Peter Pesschier failed to finish with ignition problems, Byron Schmoll broke a rocker and Dave Swan was still trying to sort an engine gremlin.

Heat 3 saw a tussle between Stirling and Dave Collins in the opening laps before Stirling made a break and raced to victory with the #47 car hauling along at a good pace. Ever present Stewart grabbed third ahead of Emma Harris, Swan and a new driver this year Matt O’Neill who is learning the ropes in this class. Kyle Collins did not finish.

A turn around time of about five minutes was all the teams had between the last heat and the feature as by now the storm was virtually on top of the speedway with constant lightning strikes and thunder in the not too distant future. Cameron Pesschier lead off pole with Dave Swan beside him however it was Pesschier that got the jump and lead into turn 1 followed by Gibbes and Stirling. Two laps in and Dave Collins would bring on the yellows as he faced the wrong way in turn 2, he would restart at the rear. Pesschier lead away with Gibbes drag racing him side by side down the back straight. Pesschier ran wide and into a rut bicycling the car however managed to recover and would continue. Gibbes lead the field with Stirling in close proximity meanwhile Stewart and Corbett were coming through the field running the high line. Stewart rounded Gibbes up out of 2 with 6 laps left to run. Corbett tried the same and with 2 to go made the pass but the yellows came on as Dave Collins was around in turn 4 and with that the rain came down and the race was declared. Stewart won from Gibbes, Corbett, Cameron Pesschier, Harris, Stirling, Swan, Dave Collins.

Thanks to all teams for your efforts in making sure we were ready to go when asked by track officials and thanks to the team at Archerfield for getting the night as far through as they did.

Next meeting is at The Toowoomba Speedbowl on December 7….
“Get there and Hang on its going to be wild”