VCSC Ready to Fire Up for the 2013/2014 Season!

12 cars are set to light up the track this Saturday night at Wangaratta City Speedway for the first round of the Xtreme Series.

It what looks to be an action packed night of racing, Wangaratta hosts the first compact outing of the season.

Jason Donnelly will be making his debut in the compacts aboard the #18 car owned by Robin Crawford.

Keith Astrella is all set to bring out his #28 machine whilst he awaits the arrival of the motor for his speedcar.

Gavin Gay is also making the trek across the border to take the Victorian’s on.

Who will be the victor at the end of the night? The only way to find out is to head up to Wangaratta City Speedway for an action packed night of racing!

#48 Robbie Gordon
#32 Chris Curran
#42 Micheal Dickson
#46 Leigh Foulston
#19 Jamie Laird
#7 Mark Cecil 7
#21 Mathew Adams
#28 Keith Astrella
#58 Joe Lostich
#77 Johnny Kryiacou
NSW #15 Gavin Gay
#18 Jason Donnelly